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Can I customize by mykeeka?
Yes you can. We can make a variety of custom made mykeeka products. Please see the Custom Order page. 

What if my product breaks?
We are sorry it broke.  We will happily repair it or fix it for you.  Please see the Contact page to get in touch with us and we can take it from there.

Can I put mykeeka products into the washing machine?

How do I care for mykeeka products
Please consult the care tag inside each mykeeka product.

Do I need to put mykeeka into my jersey pocket?
No.  Any of the Original or the Original-MAX products can just as easily hold your ride spares in a backpack or other bag.  

How long will mykeeka products last?
The first trial bags were made more than eight years ago and were used daily with weekly ride totals in excess of 400km – these initial mykeeka products are still going strong after all this time.

How do I order a mykeeka product?
Please see the Shop page on the website.

Where will mykeeka come from once ordered?
Your mykeeka will be shipped from one of many local distributors.  

Can I return mykeeka?
If it is faulty or broken – yes, not a problem. We have repair or replace guarantee.  If you have decided that you don’t wish to use your mykeeka, you can return it for credit to be used later.  It must be returned as new and unused for the credit to be issued.

What parts of mykeeka products are recyclable?
All the packaging that your product comes in is recyclable.  The mykeeka product itself can also be recycled through designated clothing / fabric recycling initiatives.

How does mykeeka support the cycling community.?
Mykeeka supports the TRACTION Community within Brisbane Australia who aim to provide community-based programs for teenagers.  See their website at for details of their initiatives and how you can become involved in their work.

Will all the mykeeka fit into my jersey pocket?
Yes.  Both the Original or the Original-MAX will fit into a standard bike jersey back pocket.

Will my phone fit into my mykeeka product?
Yes, the Original-MAX will fit an iPhone 11 (without a cover case) along with all the other ride essentials inside. An Original cannot fit a phone as it was not designed to carry a phone.